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Wrinkle in Time

Just watched the long-awaited WiT movie on Wonderful World of Disney and I have to say... I'm kind of disappointed. Now, I'm a purist when it comes to TV/movie adaptations of books... and I love Wrinkle; I'm pretty sure it was my first scifi book. I was bound to be a harsh critic. But this movie went off the plot far too many times and, although Katie Stuart is an adorable young lady and I liked Gregory Smith as Calvin more than I expected to (I still think they should have given him red hair, though), overall it had none of the snap of the book.

To be fair, I'm sure it's easy to critisize sitting along the sidelines... Wrinkle is a classic and not everything in it can be easily translated to a visual medium. And then of course movies have a budget and books really don't. Plus there's the fact that the book was written... what, in the 70s? (ETA: 1963) Unless it was going to be set during that time, the context of the story needed to be modernized, and they did a well enough job of that, incorporating things like the internet and CDs into the setting and dialogue. But... I must nitpick.

- Did I mention that Calvin should have had red hair?

- Where was Mr. Jenkins? Why bother substituting him with that boring dude?

- I like Katie a lot, but her Meg wasn't nearly angry or contrary enough.

- I have nothing against people with speech impediments. But, for ill or good, Charles' Wallace's got on my nerves.

- What was with the freaky dust storm on Camazotz? IIRC, in the book it was a rather idyllic-looking planet, and that was why it was so sinister -- evil lurked beneath a seemingly pleasant facade.

- The Man With the Red Eyes -- was a big fat dork. Seriously, between the dorky red-eye effect and his overwhelming melodrama, it brought this movie just one step above a SciFi Channel movie. The Man With the Red Eyes is supposed to be mysterious, cruel, menacing, not bipolar.

- Instead of a giant pulsing brain on a dias we have... a bunch of wormy things underneath a pool.

- A crow? Could we have been any less imaginative, people? What happened to Mrs Whatsit sitting on the floor with a tuna sandwich while Mrs. Murray pulls off her boots?

- Mrs Which was far too pretty and frilly. Sure she was a little stern, but in the books she was certainly the most frightening of the three. In this she was just bitchy.

- I don't even know what to say about the transvestite Happy Medium. Poor Madeleine L'Engle.

- It rather annoyed me that there was very little focus on Mrs Murray being the brilliant scientist that she is.

- The final planet -- I don't want to butcher the spelling -- was not a snow planet... it was dark. And less light in that particular set would have been better because we wouldn't have had to look at the ridiculous Aunt Beast and co.

- The scene where they find her father for the first time... Hello? Did any of these people actually read the book?

- When they return to Earth at the end, I believe they're supposed to land in the twins' vegetable garden.

- It's just me, but... I had always pictured the twins as older and the star-watching rock as bigger.

- I thought the Dark Thing was very poorly rendered. Viewers who never read the book are going to think it's a hungry evil nebula or something.

Sigh. That's it for now. I'll add more carping as it comes to me.

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