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I've only been offline (for the most part) for the last couple of days, but man... I feel totally out of the loop. I haven't been reading lj and I've just been deleting my list mail. I stopped and read a couple spoiler posts today and then decided maybe I was better off not knowing ;)

Piper is still adjusting to her new house. She spent all night up on the loft bed with me and didn't pee on the sheets, which is a good sign. She's still wary of the dog -- arches her back and walks on her tippy-toes whenever she sees or hears him. She and Chester, our other cat, are still adjusting. For the last couple days Chester's just been ignoring her, but this morning he's been alternately hissing softly and creeping closer to check her out. He's run after her a couple times but hasn't tried to claw or bite. Of course Piper thinks chasing means playtime. She's less afraid of Chester than Max, but she's far more interested in the environment than either of the animals. She loves the couch -- climbing on it, sitting on the top, sleeping underneath it... And dad's leather chair is also a big draw.

Anyway, today is my last final. My final final, you could say. It's at noon, so basically I'm going to drive out to Stockton, take the test, pack a few more things from my room, and drive back. No doubt I'll spend less time in Stockton than I will on the road. I did up my note sheets last night -- the kitty helped.

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