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First, some substantive stories.

Giuliani says world is safer because terrorism is being faced (

What are we trying to accomplish in Iraq? (

Bin Laden offers gold rewards for killings of top US and UN officials in Iraq (

And, for a partisan giggle, John Kerry's Flip Flops (

Speaking of Hari Kerry, I had to go all the way across the pond (the Guardian, specifically) to find an article on yesterday's gathering of Swift Boat vets speaking out against Kerry, and even then the language is very pro-Kerry. (Here's the actual letter the SBV group sent to Kerry, via the National Review).

Secondly, we rented The Last Samurai last night. I had seen it before, but the parents and brother hadn't. I liked it -- I think they enjoyed it as well. It's fairly bloody, and Cruise is hardly at the top of my must-see list, but I think it's a very well-told story about the clash of traditionalism and secularism, and it's certainly not a time period I've seen a lot in the movies or other media.

On the way back to school this morning, I picked up a job application for the Dainty Center, which is where I worked last summer. The management is not run by my favorite people in the world, but I loved the kids, most of the teachers were good people, the hours were nice and the pay pretty good. I think after the first 60 days or something I'd start getting some kind of benefits, which is good because once I'm not a full-time student any longer I can't go on my dad's health insurance.

Saturday my dad took our oldest cat, Wilma, to the vet to be put to sleep :( She was about 16 years old, we think, and she was blind and probably deaf and not taking care of herself at all. We had set her up a little pen in the garage, but that gets so darn hot in the summer and it didn't seem right to just keep her in there waiting for her to expire on her own accord. She was a good, sweet kitty. This weekend I'm going to see if I can find some old pictures of her to scan in.

Losing Wilma makes me want to get a girl kitten when the time comes. All of our animals now are boys -- cats Tiger and Chester and dog Max. If I get a girl I think I want to name her 'Piper'... not exactly after the character on Charmed (even though she's my favorite sister) but because I just think it's a pretty name for a kitty. If I did get a boy I'm leaning towards naming him 'Bruce'. Of course, I can't say that 'Leo' is not a possibility ;)

Okay... almost time to head over to the School of Ed lobby to meet Victoria for our study session. Can you believe that our final is tomorrow from 8am to 11am??? How inhumane is that?

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