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So I'm killing time in the Mac Lab again, waiting for my last class to start in about an hour. I would be more grumbly, but I managed to snag the one computer with a real (i.e. PC-like) keyboard and a real (i.e. not-round) mouse. And so I'm as happy as I can possibly be in this Godforsaken place, listening to the tech geeks talk about tech-geeky things and sighing at the clock at five-minute intervals.

I did some more work on our group T3 site... at this point I'm just waiting for Kevin to send in his parts of the site. And I need to get a picture of myself as well... I think I'll have Jamie take one with the digital camera tomorrow after I get my hair done.

I'd go back to my room, but the campus-wide ethernet is down... thankfully it happens to be working here. So here I stay.

Dum de dum dum. Come on, someone entertain me.

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