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Jolene Blalock to return to SG-1

While I have no patience for her character on Enterprise, I do like Ishta.

Actress Jolene Blalock will return to Stargate SG-1 in Season Eight, co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi told GateWorld. Blalock -- most recognizable to sci-fi fans as the Vulcan T'Pol on Enterprise -- played the Jaffa warrior Ishta in Season Seven's "Birthright," written by Christopher Judge ("Teal'c").

Could the character be returning for Judge's next episode as scribe? It's not yet known, but the temporary, working title for Judge's episode is intriguing: "My Big Fat Jaffa Wedding." The episode may also see the return of Tony Amendola ("Bra'tac") and Neil Denis ("Rya'c"), whose characters Mallozzi said will also be back this season.

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