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Just finished watching Unbreakable on ABC. First time I had seen it. Certainly it's not as gripping as Signs or Sixth Sense, but it's still very good and has a nice punch at the end. Plus, Bruce Willis kicks ass.

I can't wait to see The Village. It looks like a good, mature scarefest :D

Tomorrow is the last day of class before dead day and finals. Can't sleep in too late because I may have some errands to run. I'm going to go in to the Mac lab early and hopefully be able to get a computer -- they're quite in demand these days with all the projects coming due. There I can add in the flash for our website project -- for some reason I can't do it on my computer -- and then go to Pedagogy... I think all we're doing there is the obligatory course evaluation. Then I'm packing up some clothes and Wally and heading home til my first final on Thursday.

The Stargate Novels website has new info up on Doc's book. Gave me a thrill to see her name there like that :)
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I have to say, I liked Unbreakable more on a second viewing. The first time, around I spent most of it comparing it to Sixth. The second time, I spent more time watching for the little touches.