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*big sigh of relief*

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishing. The skit went very well -- it is my unbiased opinion that we had the best one :D Anyway, I was soooo glad that we asked to go first.

My American lit class is finally done with! We have a final exam on Friday -- some identifications, short answers and a small essay -- on Friday. After that's done I'll be packing up a few more things -- namely Wally -- and heading home for the weekend and... kitty shopping!

My only other final exam is on the following Monday, for physics. I'm not stressed about that. I could get a 0% on the final and still pass the class with a C. According to the grade calculator the prof put on the website, all I need to get an A in the class is a mid-range B on the final.

Now... you guessed it. Naptime.
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