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Sleepers snippet... mwah.

Weapon in hand, Jack ran. Full tilt, almost in a panic, in a way that was unlike him, in a way that his knees protested, but he ignored them because //he could feel the ground under his feet, feel his legs pumping, his arms close to his sides, could feel a burning pain in his side caused by exertion and lack of oxygen...// running like he had in so many of the seizures, the attacks, the "hallucinations", the times he hadn't been himself, only now he was...

He remembered running out of Baal's fortress. He remembered, vaguely, what he had done to the Jaffa who'd tried to stop him. He wondered if he would do the same to anyone who tried to stop him now...

But the only people Jack passed were bewildered airmen and technicians, their flashlights illuminating their perplexed expressions, just a flash of a frown and a questioning look and then he had passed them and they were forgotten.

And then he was at the door.

And it was locked.

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