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Ho hum

Killing time in the library again, waiting for it to be closer to 11 so I can go to volleyball.

My new loft bed is supposed to be coming today or tomorrow. I haven't yet checked with mom to see if the furniture place called to confirm yesterday like they said they would.

Sadly, I don't think I'm going to be able to go look at kittens this weekend because my American Lit group is meeting to reherse our skit Sunday afternoon. It's probably for the better, though. In my current state I don't think I would be able to go see all those kittens and leave without taking at least one with me.

Today is my last volleyball class and, hopefully, my last social studies class. Tomorrow night is, hopefully, my last language arts class. My fingers are crossed that I can finish all my portfolio crap in the next two nights. Mainly it's an issue of scanning things and linking things, but on the blasted Education school's computers, which are all Macs, everything seems to take three times as long. Bless the library for getting a whole slew of new Dells. They're not as nice as MY Dell, of course, but they're not bad.

Okay. About seven minutes til. Time to go voluntarily get sweaty for the last time this semester!
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