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Hey, the wankers finally got back to me

And this is what they had to say:

I regret to inform you that we have suspended the above domain with
immediate effect. At present, its operation is in breach of our terms and

A member of our abuse team will contact you as soon as possible and explain
the reasons for suspending the domain. Wherever we can, we will work with
you to ensure that we can re-instate the domain straight away.

Although our Technical Support and Account Management Teams are aware of the
status of your domain, they will not be able to help until our abuse team
has resolved the matter.

Now, if this cheap-ass place is anything like the last cheap-ass place I went with, they're going to get mad at me for either taking up too much server space or taking up too much bandwidth... even though their site says that both are unlimited.

While I wait for these asshats to deign to get back to me... who all do you guys go through for your webhosts? Arnise mentioned hostdime, and I know about powweb... anyone else?

And on a happier note... oh my God aren't these kittens the most adorable things you have ever ever seen??
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