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Hey, everyone else has done it.


Abortion?:The killing of an innocent person-to-be. If you can justify that, be my guest.
Death Penalty?:Break the law, pay the price. It's what we offer in our part of the social contract.
Prostitution?:Um, ew?
Alcohol?:Is nice, in moderation ;)
Marijuana?:I'm skeptical about the medical use thing. Too much room for abuse.
Other drugs?:I wouldn't particularly care if all the druggies weren't such a burden on society.
Gay marriage?:Gays may have unions, but marriage is between one man and one woman.
Illegal immigrants?:Kick their asses out.
Smoking?:I think it's gross, but that's me. I have no patience for people who smoke for 50 years and then sue the company 'cause they didn't know it was bad for them. Morons.
Drunk driving?:Needs to be punished more severely.
Cloning?:Crosses a line man was not meant to cross.
Racism?:Is bad. Is messed up. Is not as widespread or virulant as jackasses like Jesse Jackson would like people to think.
Premarital sex?:I was brought up to believe that it's worth waiting for. Plus the whole 'why buy the cow' thing ;)
Religion?:Can be good. Can lead to bad things. I prefer to say that I have a faith.
The war in Iraq?:Has saved uncounted lives and shown the true heroism of our men and women in uniform.
Bush?:A good man. I'd love to shake his hand.
Downloading music?:Illegal, yes, but I'd feel worse if the music industry wasn't run by a bunch of greedy SOBs. $20 for a CD, my ass.
The legal drinking age?:It's kind of a joke. I think it's less important than how parents bring up their kids to deal with it. My mom was letting me drink wine mixed with 7up at age 15.
Porn?:Whatever floats your boat, ya weirdos.
Suicide?:Taking the easy way out.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

My site is down. Grr. Hopefully it doesn't have anything to do with all those JL eps I uploaded ;) Maybe I just have a guilty conscience *g*
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