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This Friday Dad and I went to see Champions on Ice in Sacramento.

We saw Irina Slutskaya, Timothy Goebel, Evgeni Plushenko, Elvis Stojko, Victor Petrenko, Philippe Candeloro, Surya Bonaly, Rudy Galindo, Nicole Bobek, Oksana Kazakova & Artur Dmitriev, Dan Hollander, Irina Grigorian, Vladimir Besedin & Oleksiy Polishchuk, Fumie Suguri, Tatiana Totmyanina & Maxim Marinin, Elena Sokolova, Jenny Kirk, Johnny Weir, Xue Shen & Hongbo Zhao, and Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto, Michelle Kwan and Sasha Cohen (!!!).

It was quite awesome. I reccommend it.
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Very cool :-)
I used to be a big fan of Philippe Candeloro, the bad boy of ice skating ;-)
And then there was this French couple, a brother and sister, and they were amazing.