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Yes, gentle reader. The war in Iraq was all about oil.

Well slap me in the face with a camel spider! This is shocking. Really.

World leaders on list of oil recipients.

"In France, those named include friends of President Jacques Chirac, among them Mr. Pasqua and Patrick Maugein, the head of the French oil firm Soco International."

"A former French ambassador to the United Nations, Jean-Bernard Merimee, is listed as receiving vouchers totaling 11 million barrels. Also on the list is a vocal friend of Iraq, Gilles Munier of the Franco-Iraqi Friendship Association.

At the Vatican, the Rev. Jean Marie Benjamin -- a French priest who is reported to have arranged a meeting between the pope and Tariq Aziz, the former deputy prime minister of Iraq -- is listed as receiving the rights to sell 4.5 million barrels."

"In addition to [Russian nationalist] Mr. Zhirinovsky, the list names the former Soviet Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov, the Russian Orthodox Church, the "office of the Russian president," President Vladimir Putin's Peace and Unity Party, and companies linked to the Communist Party."

"Most worrying for the United Nations is the entry for Panama, a Mr. Sevan. Congress was told this week that the reference is to Benon Sevan, the U.N. official in charge of the [oil for food] program."
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