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Killing time in the library

My English class got out early. I knew if I went back to my room before Volleyball I would end up not GOING to Volleyball, and I really should go to Volleyball, so I came to the library instead.

English was funny. You can really tell there's about two weeks of the semester left when the professor ends the book discussion because "There's no point in keeping on beating this dead horse".

There was a surprising amount of SJ mail in my inbox this morning. I did actually read it this time but other than some rude folks critisizing other's spelling there didn't seem to be anything I needed to admin about. And I'm looking forward to Lyta's post on why Pete is a maggot for reasons having little or nothing to do with SJ (my words, not her's *g*)

Hmm. Eight minutes til Volleyball. I guess I should sign off.

ETA: Hee. How much do I LOVE this picture of Bats? I should be lazy more often.

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