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More about meeee

1. How old are you? 21.

2. Who do you live with? During the week -- just me and my fish, Jonas and Wally. During the weekend, my parents, younger brother, dog and three cats :D

3. If you're a student what do you study? Elementary education.

4. Are you single? Oh, yes.

5. Do you liketh the boys or liketh the girls... maybe goats? Men ;)

6. What would you prefer - a good book, or a good movie?

7. What was your least favourite subject at school? P.E.!

8. Do you remember what your first ever best friends name was? The first one I can actually remember is Alexis, and she was in 6th grade. Before that I'm blanking out. It probably says in my school book.

9. What one thing at the moment would make your life a whole lot easier? Not an original answer, but -- more money. Not because I think it buys happiness or anything, but I would sure be a lot less stressed if I could afford to pay off my credit card and so on.
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