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And to my fellow JL junkies...

I'm attempting to download a whole mess of episodes off Kazaa right now. Wish me luck.

I was able to recover A Better World and Only a Dream from the depths of the computer, however, and will get those uploaded to my site.

Now... who wanted these babies (as of right now, 'these babies' includes the pilot Secret Origins, Fury, Legends, Knight of Shadows, Savage Time, Maid of Honor, Hearts and Minds, Comfort and Joy, Secret Society and Wild Cards, as well as the two afore mentioned episodes) snail-mailed to them on CD?

If it's a bunch of peeps I may have to ask for a small donation of a couple bucks to help me cover s&h, but don't worry, great powers that be, ain't no one here making a profit. Except you, of course. Me... I have no income, no paycheck, I'm just doing this out of love of toon 'ship :D
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