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I did it. I'm a dork.

Okay, so I made a Justice League music video. To Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out for a Hero, which is so OTT I think it works quite well.

The page with the WMV link is right here. The page also has my JL mood theme and a couple nice links.
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Hmm...must remember to download this when I'm home and have the dsl. Also, I'm not sure my family is ready for the JL obsession--they're just getting used to the Stargate one. :-)
It is truly concerning me that you are shipping for a cartoon show.


For superheros especially.

Which superhero is your favourite?

HawkGirl. Right.

Alli, it's a KIDS show... fair enough, I watch Kids movies... but this is sad.

Still, you're awesome :)
I know I'm awesome, but thanks anyway ;)

Yes, it is a kid's show, but it's not geared only for kids in the same way that some kid's movies -- like Finding Nemo, for example -- aren't geared only for kids. Trust me... there's no way that JL would be airing at 10:30pm on weeknights if they thought their primary audience was going to be kidlets ;)
fair enough; i can't argue with that logic.

Mind you, they air lizzie macquire then, and there is NO WAY that is geared for adults too...