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I don't know...

... if anyone else is a freak about this series like me, but I made a messload of Anne and Gil (from Anne of Green Gables and the sequel) icons. Feel free to use if they strike your fancy.

1. 2. 3.
And my favorite Anne look:

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Hee hee hee. I have the books, but have never read them. I will still watch the third one because apparently i am an even bigger AOGG than you. ;-)

I understand about the difference between book and movie being frustrating though. I am about ready to stab my eyes out with forks as I trudge my way through The Lord of the Rings books. They suck. But I must finish them so as to be able to know the story better as I'm oggling pretty poncy elves.
I would consider watching the 3rd one, but the user comments on amazon aren't good and it apparently puts Anne and Gil through more angst. Like they need that. I want them to settle down and have their kidlets and be adorable ;) I think I'm getting the 6 or 7 full box set of Anne books for my graduation.
I saw about half an hour of the third vid over Christmas break one year. I couldn't watch any more, and when my mom explained what happened in the rest of the story, I was very glad I didn't watch it. Ick and ick. But the icons are pretty.
Both LotR and Anne books are better than the movies. I have to say that the first Anne series was very close to the book. They didn't take too many liberties.

LotR... his descriptions are great. Instead of reading... I suggest borrowing the audio version and listening. That was what we did a few years ago at Yosemite. Very sad when we get to our destination and no one in the car wants to move because we are in the middle of a chapter. :)
The books are driving me crazy. I remember now why I put them down as a child. I think once I'm done with them, I'll never read them again and just pretend the movies are the real universe. ;-)

As for the audio, I cannot do the audio thing. I think it's a control issue. I can't control the pace or whether I peak ahead or go back to reference something from before! LOL

THanks for the tips though. The thought is much appreciated. *hug*