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To-do List for the Rest of My Life (aka, the next 2.5 weeks)

But first... why the hell is it that none of the left hand turn green lights in Stockton work? Do TPTB in charge of this city figure that life just isn't exciting enough unless you never know for sure if you're running a red light?


Anyway... before my brain explodes from trying to keep all this straight:

* Worksheets for Episodio 16 and 17 due Friday
* "Estimada Sra. Suarez" rough draft due Wednesday; final draft due Friday
* Examen 3 Dec. 11

* All late work turned in by Dec. 9
* Presentation Dec. 11 or 16 -- Presentation board (check), poster board (check) and 3 enlargements (check -- thank you, Kinkos)
* Children's book due Dec. 11 or 16
* Outline of GO biography
* Sketchbook from Hell... God, who knows

* Bring "No More Monkeys..." Thursday
* Summarize chapters and BS something for the class journal. Make it pretty.

* 3 more hours of K/15 hours of 5 by Dec. 20
* Reflective journal due Dec. 17
* Response journal due Dec. 17
* Evals & sig sheets & every other damn thing due Dec. 17

Creative Writing</i>
* Meet with Sonstroem Wed. @ 1130
* Possible reading Dec. 10 (Oh please no please no please no...)
* Portfolio revisions due Dec. 12 (?)

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