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Nightly update

So today we (Mom, Jamie and I -- dad's on the last day of a 72-hour shift) went over to my aunt's for Easter. The food was good, the Giants won -- and they come home tomorrow! - and all in all a good time was had.

And as for Alias... I felt like for the most part it was a waste of time. I mean, about 50 minutes through I was going back in my head and asking... okay, what's new this episode? Well, Syd has started becoming suspicious about Sarkette... but that's been dragging on for so long that Syd's awakening isn't that striking. But the last ten minutes redeemed the episode. It's nice seeing that enmity back between Jack and Sloane.

But the big thing... Vaughn finding out. Well, I knew after the Jack and Vaughn scene where Jack was talking about his marriage with Irina that the 'distraction kiss' would come up at some point. But I didn't expect Vaughn to actually do anything about it. I'm very proud of him for trusting in his instincts and remembering what Jack said, although I am somewhat disappointed that Lauren, who must know that Vaughn is at least a little suspicious, would have anything in their house that would justify those suspicions.

This is about my being a SV shipper, but it's also about me being sick of how stupid this season has made the CIA -- the good guys -- look. It was past time for some turnaround... Marshall being able to restore the corrupted info, Syd's suspicions, Vaughn's attack of good sense. I just hope that the previews are truthful and Vaughn will actually do something about this, instead of letting her justify it or justifying it for her.

I have roughly three weeks of school left. Excuse me whilst I scream.

Now for everyone's favorite part of my lj... the links.

* Freaks in San Fran (from Lee.)

* My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Thomas Hamill and the other hostages.

* "The Passion" returns to the top at the box office.

* Neat! The US awards the first suborbital aircraft license.

* Ah, Arkansas...

Now, before I go to bed, I'm in the mood to make another lj layout...
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