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*happy sigh*

So far it's been another good weekend. I haven't gotten anything done, but that's part of the niceness of it. Today I picked up Shelby and we colored eggs for tomorrow, then went to see The Prince and Me with Julia Stiles. It was a nice modern-day fairy tale, although I felt that the pacing was a bit off.

I actually helped with dinner tonight -- mom and I experienced with a Chicken Parmigan receipe on the Food TV site and it turned out very nicely. Then we watched the second part of the Anne of Green Gables movie. At the risk of sounding too much like Anne, it was very delightful, and I put the Anne book box set on my Amazon wish list; I'm pretty sure either my parents or my aunt will buy it for me. There's a third movie, but apparently it takes a complete detour from the books and makes Anne and Gil go through even more angst before they live happily ever after, so I've decided to ignore its existance. It's hard enough to watch Anne torture the two of them for God knows how long, and that yucky Morgan guy... I mean, I don't mind older men, but that was taking it too far.

Man, I wish that someone would make the Emily books into a movie. Emily and Teddy and Ilse and Perry and Dean and the whole Murray clan are such great characters -- I'd love to see them in the flesh. That is, if I knew they would be done right!

Speaking of literature being done right, ABC has finally given the date they'll air A Wrinkle in Time with Katie Stuart -- and what day is it? Graduation day, of course! Will wonders never cease. Is there anyone out there who'll be watching it and would mind taping it for me? I'll pay for shipping and everything, of course. It's just that Wrinkle was one of the first sci-fi books I ever read - my dad introduced it to me - and I would hate to miss seeing it.

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