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Watching Dayside on Fox, and they had the sweetest thing. I guess a while back this female producer had set up an interview with an Army soldier; they met and really hit it off, and today he showed up without her knowing and proposed to her on the air! He said every time he saw her he wanted to smile and just keep on smiling, and that he wanted to return the favor. He did the ring, on one knee, the whole thing, and she said yes! The poor thing was shaking and laughing and could hardly stand, either because of the shock or she was nervous about being on camera or possibly both. Linda (the host) gave them their first engagement present -- for her, a t-shirt that says "I'm engaged to an Army soldier", and for him, a t-shirt that says "I'm engaged to a Dayside producer".

So adorable. I hope Linda keeps everyone up to date on their wedding plans *g*

On a completely unrelated note, this caught my eye on netscape's news: Schwarzenegger Saves Man's Life.

And another feel-good story: Iraqi Amputees Arrive in Houston for Treatment.
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