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Baseball time

Let's see if big bad boy Clemens has the cojones to actually pitch to Barry this time.
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I took those Spanish classes because I had to, not because I had any choice in the matter. And after 3 years of language, I'm decided that my brain just isn't wired for being bilingual ;)
Three years is plenty long ;) Trust me... I have plenty of other things to work on ;)
long? *pffft* that's not long! trust me on that...I have more experience in that bit than you do ;)

and plenty of things? you mean you're going to start learning catalan instead? or french? or doing more icons? or german? or what? :)
yeah I know...but if you learn a language you learn a culture and by learning a culture you learn *lots* of stuff.
Not the important stuff I need to know to teach little kids ;)

what do you want to teach little kids?