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Baseball time

Let's see if big bad boy Clemens has the cojones to actually pitch to Barry this time.
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No, Spanish makes my mind hurt *g*

But sure, I can use a bit more spanish. Like... burrito... and rodeo... and televisión... ;)

*glares at Alli* it doesn't hurt your mind it only hurts your pride since you don't master it, but that's perfectly logical since you hadn't learnt enought to master it.

and you know how to write full sentences so stop acting dumb and saying 3 words without the right connectors and all :-p
I took those Spanish classes because I had to, not because I had any choice in the matter. And after 3 years of language, I'm decided that my brain just isn't wired for being bilingual ;)
Three years is plenty long ;) Trust me... I have plenty of other things to work on ;)
long? *pffft* that's not long! trust me on that...I have more experience in that bit than you do ;)

and plenty of things? you mean you're going to start learning catalan instead? or french? or doing more icons? or german? or what? :)
yeah I know...but if you learn a language you learn a culture and by learning a culture you learn *lots* of stuff.
Not the important stuff I need to know to teach little kids ;)

what do you want to teach little kids?