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Sometimes I do have faith in humanity

It's the small things.

I sit by the same gal in physics every day. A couple weeks ago she wasn't in class and when I saw her next, I offered her my notes. Imagine my surprise when today she said she noticed I wasn't in class on Friday, and offered me her notes.

I didn't realize that people, you know, reciprocated nice gestures anymore. I'm pleasantly surprised.
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Isn't it sad when such a small gesture is worth mentioning?

I remember when I was at Uni that there were always people I could share notes with/from if i didn't happen to make it to class for some reason. I never really had an issue getting that sort of thing, and it really wasn't that long ago.
yes...those little surprises happen sometimes, and they're wonderful in this dog-eat-dog world:-)
I'd be wary alli. It could be some evil plot to lull you into a false sense of security!