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It's already 9? How is it almost 9???

I want that hour back.

Overall I had a good weekend. I skipped my Friday classes and went home early. Dad was working so mom and I went out and met him for breakfast in Byron. Later, my aunt Sharon and my mom and I went down to the local furniture store to look for a loft bed for me -- and found one. And it should be here in a week to ten days!

Saturday I went to get my new contacts checked out, and the doc says they look good. I'm seeing about as well with these as I was with the last pair (20-25), but these are half as expensive!

My parents, my aunt and I went to see The Passion on Saturday, too. And all I can say is -- wow. At least three of the four of us were crying by the end and had to sit through the credits to be able to compose ourselves. From everything I had heard, I think I was expecting and prepared for more violence than there actually was, but I still had to close my eyes a few times. The acting was phenominal. The music was beautiful and moving. It was sad and terrible and amazing. But it didn't inspire hatred, at least not in me. I can honestly say it didn't want to make me run out and beat up Jewish people.

Afterwards we went out to dinner at Olive Garden, and later that evening my mom and I watched three and a half hour of Anne of Green Gables. Man, that took me back. And I *heart* Gil. I want a Gil. Me me me.
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I watched three and a half hour of Anne of Green Gables.

I've read, and adored, the books but I've never seen the TV adaptation. Every so often I see it in HMV and wonder if it's half as good as the books are... And I'm so with you on the Gil love. *g*

Oh, and I'm glad you had a good weekend. :)
The only one worth seeing is the Canadian one starring Megan Follows as Anne - and from what I understand, i.e. my mother and sister, it's a very good adaptation.

Yes, this is coming from a guy - have to admit that what I have seen, I watched just for Megan Follows, as I was a teenager when it first came out. I've also actually been to Green Gables on PEI. Lovely spot, if a little full of bus loads of your favourite grandparents. ;)
I didn't even know if/that there were any adaptions by the Megan Follows one. From what I recall of the book, it follows Anne of GG and Anne of Avonlea spot-on.