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Alli Snow

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*staggers back from the shower*

Okay... weekend to do list.

- Post on CB board (should probably do that today)
- Remember GO book for Monday
- Try to get people to buy GO posters for the final
- Remember that the last day of Arts in Ed is 12/16.
- Do Spanish homework, for real this time. And You know, for an instructional video, that wasn't a bad good-bye kiss at all. Compared to that ugly-ass bracelet, it was awsome. Arturo, you're a stud.
- Do FW busywork, of which there is much; draw strength from the thoughts of the nasty course eval you're going to write.

Yeah, I should be able to get, hmm, like one of those things done over a 5 day period.

Is it 1300 yet??
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