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"But theres this one character I find extremely annoying..."

*dies laughing*

Thanks to ruralstar for this moment of hilarity: Conan O'Brien and Stargate.

Are the freaks going spastic? Please tell me they're going spastic.

ETA: Oops, didn't realize it was a protected entry... here's the text:

*Introduction by Conan*

Conan : (speaking seriously) There�s a lot of anger in America today, between the war, the uncertain economy, the divisive presidential election�.and we have one person on our staff who is particularly angry -- graphics designer Pierre Bernard. Pierre says he knows how America feels and he�s ready to articulate our anger. (cut to shot of youngish black guy-- glasses, nice-looking, maybe slightly geeky-- in a recliner -- light laughter from audience and Conan). He thought he might as well be comfortable while he does it. Here he is, speaking for all of us....

Intro music: Pierre Bernard�s Recliner of Rage (graphic on screen...

(Cut to full shot of Pierre leaning back in a ratty brown recliner on stage -- laughter)

Conan: Hey there Pierre, nice to see you, are you comfortable *and* angry?

Pierre: I�m comfortable and furious Conan! (light laughter)

Conan: Then go ahead and speak for America, Pierre

Pierre: Okay here goes, there�s this show on the Scifi network called Stargate SG-1, probably the best scifi show since Star Trek. In every episode the Stargate team, lead by Colonel Jack O�Neill go thru the stargate on another adventure, killing Goa�ulds and saving the Earth from aliens.

Pierre: But there�s this one character I find extremely annoying, Dr. Daniel Jackson played by actor Michael Shanks. He always slows down the action by trying to understand the different alien cultures they encounter, even those aliens who are trying to kill them. In season 5, I thought they finally fixed this show by killing off this guy! (light laughter) Without him there was way more action and special effects. But in season 7 they brought him back from the dead, like Spock! Since then the action is okay, but when this guy gets on screen, once again it�s the usual talking and getting to know you nonsense. Bottom line America, (Pierre sits up in his chair and points his finger at the camera) Stargate SG-1 is way better *without* Dr. Daniel Jackson!!

(cheers and applause--I think because people are glad he�s done!)

Conan: Okay, thank you Pierre. I think there are six people out there who know exactly what you are talking about. (laughter)

Pierre: Damn straight Conan, there are.

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