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This week's Big To-Do List

- Add Z's social studies links to T3 site #1
- Find reading & music article
- Read reading & music article
- Summarize reading & music article
- Put 5 reading summaries on T3 site #2
- Review notes for Tues. pedagology quiz on ethics
- Find out when the GOP speaker is supposed to be here on Wednesday
- Complete online class assignments for social studies
- Study for RICA test on Thursday
- Finish SDAIE lesson plan
- Complete and write-up lesson plan #2
- Brainstorm ideas for social studies thematic unit
- Write up next two fieldwork observations
- Attempt to finish social studies observations
- Compile interview questions for Mrs. Coen
- Review Plath reading
- Read Friday's American lit assignment

Excuse me while I go insane.

ETA: Funny story about the most irritating cliches.
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