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"Real" book recc

I've been meaning to do this for ages, but kept putting it off.

Anyway, ever since I started reading fic online, the amount that I spend during a typical bookstore visit has dropped dramatically. There are still a couple authors I won't miss, and a couple series I'm very attached too... and one of the latter is Fearless.

Fearless is a Young Adult series, but it's one of those YA series that makes you go... eek! Spastic, hormonal teenagers are reading this?! Animorphs was the same way, only while it had violence, death and adult concepts, Fearless has violence, death, adult concepts, and sex.

Published under the name Francise Pascal (*wink wink*), starting in 1999, the in-progress series now comprises 24 'regular' books and one 'special'. Set in present-day NYC, it focuses on Gaia Moore - a maladjusted 17 year old "genetic freak" born without the 'gene' for fear - and a cast of colorful characters: Ed, her wheelchair-bound best friend; Sam, the hunky but somewhat foolish college guy; Heather, resident bitch, Sam's girlfriend and Ed's ex; Tom Moore, Gaia's absent father and 'secret agent'; and Oliver 'Loki' Moore, Tom's twin, Gaia's uncle, and an all-around nasty evildoer who 'accidently' murdered Gaia's mother years ago. Gaia spends most of her time kicking NY scumbag ass, wondering about the fate of her parents, and trying to keep the people she cares about from getting killed.


Think one part Dawson's Creek, one part Alias and one part Dark Angel.

What's so great about this series? Firstly, the characters are great, familiar without being too stereotypical, interesting and spontaneous without being unbelievable. The main characters - good guys and bad guys - have their own distinct voices, their own needs and desires and conflicting emotions that keep them interesting. The complex relationships between the characters are easily as interesting as the main plot.

Secondly, the author is not afraid to go for some wild plot twists. I've found myself thinking "Did she actually just DO that?" several times, and as freaky as it can sometimes be, I'm impressed by the risk-taking involved.

Thirdly... it's just cool. A little much at times, but certainly cool. Kickass girl, secret government agencies, violent gangs, evil twins, bizarre medical experiments... and did I mention there was sex?

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I used to read the Fearless books - I think I read the first 3 or 4? How many are there now? I just stopped picking up the next one for some reason but I thought they were really good. I picked them up a few years ago because I did *not* ready the Sweet Valley High books - also by Pascal *cough* :)

I just finished reading Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field. It's the best modern P&P i've read so far *swoon* :)

Re: Fearless
I used to read the Fearless books - I think I read the first 3 or 4? How many are there now?

24, plus a "Before Gaia" special that deals with how Tom and Oliver and Katia met, how Oliver became Loki, etc.