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I have kitten lust.

I kinda declared, last summer, that my big graduation gift from my folks was going to be a kitten. My very own kitten. We have other cats -- they're all still alive and kicking, thank God, even though Wilma (she's about 16) is blind as a bat, poor dear. I adore my Tiggy, and I love Chester to pieces. They're all my babies.

But I want a cat that's mine. One that will go with me when I leave home -- whenever that turns out to be. And I want it to be a kitten (3 months or younger) so I can enjoy the full experience of kittenhood (Chester was already about 6-7 months old when we got him).

I'm just dying to own a little fuzzball of my own. A little girl, maybe. But there's no point in even looking until school gets out in May because we can't have non-fish animals in the dorm and I would go insane at the thought of my parents and brother enjoying the new puddy without me.

But does that stop me from looking? No, of course not.

*sigh* I want all of them. I want to be the crazy cat lady.

Is it May yet???

ETA: Someone else on this floor is watching Futurama! I can hear the music! Hee! (Heheh, and it's the Farnsworth Parabox.)

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