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This is disgusting

UNITED NATIONS, March 24 -- The United Nations Commission on Human Rights voted on Wednesday to condemn Israel's killing of the Hamas leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, but a similar resolution failed to move forward in the Security Council because of objections by the United States.

The killing of a terrorist founder and leader was a breach of human rights. You know, this is just one of the many reasons that sane people consider the UN a complete joke.

The 53-member rights commission, holding its annual session in Geneva, passed by a 31-to-2 vote a resolution submitted by Pakistan that scored Israel for "targeted assassinations, liquidation and murder of political leadership." Only the United States and Australia voted against it, and 18 countries, including the European Union states, abstained.

Of course they did. We wouldn't expect them to, ya know, have a backbone or anything.

Kudos to Australia, though.

The United States said the resolution, which is nonbinding, lacked balance because it made no mention of Palestinian terror attacks. Yaakov Levy, the Israeli envoy, dismissed it as "Israel bashing."

Israel bashing in the UN? Get out!

At the United Nations headquarters in New York, Algeria, the Arab nation currently on the Security Council, submitted a redrafted resolution on Wednesday evening after an earlier attempt to obtain a statement against Israel from the 15-member Council failed to win support. The United States ambassador, John D. Negroponte, said the United States had opposed it because it made no mention of "terrorism conducted by Hamas."

Thank you.

The new draft, which condemns "the most recent extrajudicial execution committed by Israel," adds a paragraph condemning "also all terrorist attacks against any civilians as well as all acts of violence and destruction." The document will probably be discussed in the Council on Thursday, but Mr. Negroponte indicated that the American objection to not singling out Hamas would continue.

And why shouldn't it?

"If the Security Council is going to pronounce itself on this question," he said, "it must recognize the reality that Hamas has been responsible for numerous, extensive and very recent terrorist activities."

But John, reality is so passe!

Earlier Wednesday, Israel's foreign minister, Silvan Shalom, met with Secretary General Kofi Annan, who on Tuesday had condemned the killing of Sheik Yassin. Mr. Shalom said he explained Israel's reasons for taking its action and appealed to the United Nations to "push all the moderates in our region to abandon those extremists and don't give them an umbrella to move forward with violence against innocent Israelis."

Don't hold your breath, pal.

On Tuesday, 41 countries and regional groups debated in the Security Council what the panel's response ought to be to Sheik Yassin's killing.

Nasser al-Kidwa, the Palestinian observer to the United Nations, said that Sheik Yassin was a revered spiritual leader and that his murder was a "mad and brutal assassination" for which Israel was legally and politically responsible.

That's why you're an observer, punkass. Then again, with old Kofi in charge, you might as well be running the show.

Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador, responded that "to characterize him as a spiritual leader is to attempt to characterize Osama bin Laden as a Mother Teresa." He said it would be the "ultimate hypocrisy" if the Council were seen to be defending "the godfather of terrorism."

I have to quote Lee here:

You can see the complete list of the current commission members here. Suffice it to say that among the nations condemning the targeted killing of a terrorist were such hotbeds of human rights as China, Cuba, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan, a number of whom are themselves state sponsors of terrorism. The United Nations is by any objective standard a complete joke, a farce to end all farces.

Yesterday I wrote a post about relationships between countries, and how there are very few nations on the planet that the United States can truly call "friends." One of these nations was Australia. Well, guess who the only country in the world was that had the moral courage to stand with the United States in voting against this disgusting resolution? Yep, Australia.

Our casual acquaintances in the European Union nations abstained. What a striking example of moral fortitude.

I've probably pissed off someone here, but what else is new ;)

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