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So I just spent the last hour or so walking all over the flipping campus trying to get registered for next semester, since today was my early registration appointment.

Really. I can prove it is. I have the paper that says so.

First I go over to the ed school, because since these are credential classes I need their permission first. No problems here -- the credential gal puts my name in the books, signs off on the classes, and sends me on my merry way.

And across the campus I go to the registrar's office to get these classes put in the computer. Because God knows it would make too much sense to do all of this in the same place.

Strangely, the registrar gal can't put my classes in the computer. I'm in good standing. I'm financially accepted. How strange. Why won't it work? Ah, it must be because I'm graduating in May, which makes my Fall 04 classes graduate classes. Of course.

Up the stairs to the graduate office.

The grad office gal has no idea what I'm talking about. These aren't graduate classes, she says. She calls the woman in the registrar's office and tells her so. Go back downstairs, she says.

Down the stairs again.

The registrar woman tries again. Oh hey, it's working this time. Oh wait, it's not. Just kidding. Still can't add these classes to my schedule for next semester. This is very odd. So she tells me that she'll hang on to my paperwork and figure it out later. I can appreciate that kind of work ethic.

I'm walking out of the building when the gal comes out and calls me back in. Miracle or miracles, they've figured it out. Since I'm graduating in May, I can't register for classes until after I graduate! Of course! It makes perfect sense now.

*eyes her early registration paperwork which clearly states that she can sign up for classes today*

Well you know, this school has only been around for 150 years or so. It's not like they should be expected to know what they're doing.

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