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Okay, heard this on the radio... I thought I was past the point where songs remind me of fictional characters, but how could this not?

High school yearbooks on her lap
Snapshot faces take her back
Class rings and strings of broken hearts
A single word of yes or no could've changed her destiny

What would it be like if she'd a married Mike
Three kids and a dog and be queen of the kitchen
How would it have been if she'd settled for Jim
She'd be battered and bruised on a bunk in a mission
Now she'll never know what happened to Joe
Cold feet when the church bells rang
Where she learned to let it go
And never forget
Her life is her own
And she has no regrets yet

Voted girl most like to succeed
She made her dreams come true
Single and happy in her world
But she would be lying if she said she'd never thought about


Who knows who
Where or when
Only love will stop her wonderin'


No,no,no,no regrets yet
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Ooh. I like it. And I can definitely see how it reminds you of someone. Did you get the name of the song? I'd love to hear it.

ETA: Duh! I see the song. You have it. Gah! (Have I mentioned how much I hate night shift? -lol-)