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From Power Line

Years ago, Deacon and I protested against the Vietnam war. We're not proud of it now, but at least it was a war we were against. Nowadays, the "anti-war" movement is so morally and intellectually degraded that it protests against peace and reconstruction.

Today the anti-war forces turned out in San Francisco on the first anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war. Trouble is, of course, the war is over. So the protesters voiced their opposition to the ongoing reconstruction effort by gathering in front of the worldwide headquarters of Bechtel, one of the chief contractors involved in rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure.

The protesters blocked traffic by chaining themselves together with plastic pipe while waving signs saying "Bechtel out of Iraq" and "Shut down the war profiteers." I can understand how well-meaning people can be opposed to war, one of the greatest evils known to mankind, even in circumstances where their opposition is misguided. But it is a measure of the moral bankruptcy of the left that its protesters now march against reconstruction.

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