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If it wasn't for LJ, I don't think I would know what day it is

So it's Thursday. Sigh. Thursday is way too close to Monday.

I went for an eye appointment today, to my old optomitrist who moved to a new office a while back. Amazingly, he still remembered me. Even more amazingly, he told me I'd be able to get Lasik! Now, I'm trying to not even torture myself with the thought because I so don't have the money, but it's nice to know that if I ever do have the money, the option is out there.

The Doc ordered some trial lenses for me... called them toric, although I'm not sure what that means or how they compare to what I have now, which are I think just your run of the mill soft lenses. But he said the contacts I'm wearing now still look good and my eyes aren't too dried out, which is a good thing.

The folks are having some problems with my brother. What's the problem? Well, he's a 17 year old boy on the rebound from a year-long relationship. I remember all that much too clearly. Yech.

I downloaded 4 more JL episodes: Secret Society, Hearts and Minds, Fury and In Blackest Night. I'm going to put them on a CD and upload them when I get back to school. I may take some of the eps I have up now off the server, so my webhost doesn't scream at me. So if you want any of the eps up now, get 'em while they're still there ;) I'm also downloading Maid of Honor and Only a Dream right now.

I went to Suncoast at the mall, and they do indeed have JL action figures... but no HG or WW. :-p

I still need to write my LC1 review, but I might just wait to see LC2 tomorrow to get back in a Stargate frame of mind. And then I have a break til July! :D

Oh, and I have to update my reading list...

1. Cold Fire, Dean Koontz
2. Who's Looking Out For You?, Bill O'Reilly
3. Arrogance, Bernard Goldberg
4. The Awakening, Kate Chopin
5. Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz
6. Emily's Climb, LM Montgomery
7. Emily's Quest, LM Montgomery
8. A Wind in the Door, Madeline L'Engle
9. A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Madeline L'Engle
10. The Face of Fear, Dean Koontz
11. The Face, Dean Koontz
12. As I Lay Dying, Faulkner
13. An Acceptable Time, Madeline L'Engle
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The difference with a toric lens is that it is weighted at the bottom, and is designed not only to correct myopia or hyperopia, but also astigmatism - which is what can't be corrected with a regular spherical lens.

Astigmatism is when the cornea's curvature becomes asymmetric rather than purely spherical. This results in rays of light being focused at two points, and hence blurring vision.

The toric lens sits in a specific position, correcting both the blurring from the astigmatism, and the myopia or hyperopia that a spherical lens corrects.
I only know 'cause I am both myopic and have astigmatisms, hence I've never been able to wear anything but toric lenses.

But thanks. :D
I have no idea which opic I am, but I've been told for a long time that I have astig. This is the first time the doc has mentioned toric, though. Anyhoo, they should be in within 5 working days so we'll see how they sit :)
Whether you need toric lenses depends on how bad your astigmatism is. Obviously it's worse now than it was previously.

As for eye conditions, myopic = short sighted, and hyperopic = long sighted. If you have to wear contact lenses all the time, then you're probably myopic, as hyperopic people just need glasses for reading.
When people ask, I just tell them I'm blind ;)

I was talking about it with my mom, and she remembered something I didn't -- my Rx for my left eye (my weak eye) is so extreme that there are only a couple of contact makers that actually make them in my strength. And he did say that this is the only brand of toric that would work for me. So I figure there must have been some advancements in toric lenses since I saw my doc last ;)
I just tell them I'm blind

You've obviously not seen my prescription!

And yes, they're always changing and making advancements in contact lenses.
And yes, they're always changing and making advancements in contact lenses.

Thank God for that!
Hey Alli I think your best bet for the HG & WW figures is to check Ebay. The HG was only 1 in a case of 12 figures. WW was better packed but she's soooooo popular that she sells instantly. Did you pick up any others?
No, I didn't pick up any of the boys... I'm just too cheap :) Maybe once I'm working again, I can start building up my collection *g*
L'Engle books
Is that your reading list of books you HAVE read or books you will read? LOL

Just had to comment when I saw the mention of The Wind in the Door and Swiftly Tilting Planet. I think L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time and the others were some of my very first "scifi" readings. I was probably in third or fourth grade.

Hmm... I just loved Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatzit! ;)

Yep... I think I read those not long after reading The Hobbit for the very first time too. See what happens when you get exposed to scifi and fantasy in your formative years?

Star Wars came out about the same too. ::sigh::

I was doomed from the start.

Re: L'Engle books
My dad got me started on L'Engle's books when I was in the 4th grade. I had the Wrinkle trilogy for a long time before I realized that she had actually written more ;)