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Back from La La Land

*breathes the nice clean air*

Well, we got back from Glendora around 6pm today. I had a better time there than I thought I would, but I'm still glad to be home with my kitty and my puppy and my Internet connection!

I've skimmed my sjhw mail and my non-list mail. Samandjack... I hope it's been behaving. And if it hasn't been... well, I really don't want to know about it! I haven't even touched my lj friends page yet. I'm scared to.

Glad to hear that Kelly saw her first full JL episode, Maid of Honor!

Sue and I had lots of fun on Sunday -- we went to the Sierra Madre Wisteria Festival, walked around a lot, and I got a tan! Monday I went to the Ontario Mills mall with my family... my God, you could fit every mall in CC County inside Ontario Mills. Yikes. We also went to see the NASCAR 3D IMAX movie, which was cool. I mean, I liked the 3D part better than the NASCAR part, but eh ;)

And I thought the gas prices here were bad. I saw upwards of $2.35 down south.

I feel kind of disconnected from everything, being away from the Net and the news. Heard about Spain going socialist, which is really a pity. But there are those who fight terrorists and those who want only to appease them, and I suppose that's every nation's choice to make.

Listening to the radio/satellite thingy and heard Cheney's speech at the Reagan Library (which actually wasn't far from where we were). He made some really awesome points. There's also a contest going on Laura Ingraham's site for the Kerry campaign theme song. Nominations so far include "Flipper" (from the TV show), "Jive Talkin'" (Bee Gees), "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?" (Lovin' Spoonfuls), the Adams Family theme, and others. Hysterical!

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