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Could they be any more adorable?

ETA: Wow, Only a Dream was much better than I expected it would be. (And for the record, Sel, John and Supes are both shown as having Earth-bound bachelor pads. You know, should it come up in a fic ;).) I can't believe I'm going to miss part 2 *sigh*

GL: "Hurt her and you won't even reach the ground."

GL: "Nice bluff."
HG: "Who says I was bluffing?"

F: "So what were you working on?"
JJ: "Nothing. I was taking a nap."

Heehee. And I loved Bats' recounting of Odysseus. Such a Renaissance man-- her, batman.

From this episode I can kinda see where some folks might have the idea that Flash has a thing for HG. He gets her coffee. He covers her up when she falls asleep. He nods off next to her in the Watchtower. But this is Flash -- he might as well be a teenage boy. He's hit on Diana, too (who sadly wasn't in this episode, or mentioned. Pity). I dunno, maybe fic writers throw him into the mix for the love triangle effect. He's just too young... not that there's anything wrong with that -- he just doesn't have that maturity and depth of experience that the other characters (all except maybe Di) have.

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