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From Gateworld, regarding the SG-1 comic...

First thing's first -- Stargate SG-1: Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) #1. This series has two main purposes -- to give you a taste of the incredible artwork, storytelling, and quality you can expect in every issue and to introduce the general comic book world to SG-1.

Oh yeah. That's really encouraging. Not.

The pictures scare me. Scaaaare meeeee...
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The hell? Daniel looks about 50 in one of the pictures and O'Neill looks more like Makepeace than O'Neill... is it supposed to be Makepeace? ::::confused::::
OMG, it's so bad. SO bad. I was hoping and praying it wouldn't be but it totally is. And shock of all shocks, it's a first season insert. First season! I mean... why?