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Site update

Nothing major... just my most recent fic (Short Term) and music video (American Soldier).

But hey, it's there. :)
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Bizarre...we share a love for Justice League, Barenaked Ladies, and Jason Mraz... I'm afraid :)
Sorry to intrude. I don't think you know me unless you've seen an occasional random post of mine on Gateworld.

I just wanted to let you know though, your new video made me cry; I loved it completely. It's definately my new favorite.

And I'll go now, before I sound any odder than I already do.
Well I haven't been on GW for a while, but I do have a pretty good mind for SNs. Do you go by Dax?

And I'm so happy you liked the video :) Part of the reason I loved Heroes 2 was how appropriate it is to the events going on in the world right now. I thought it was very touching.
Yep. That's me.

Heroes and I have a kinda Love/Hate relationship.

I love it because it was excellent, and very well done, and really spoke to whats going in the world right now. And then I hate it because, well...

Anyways, since I'm already here, I'll go ahead and say that without a doubt, you are my favorite S/J writer.

The Asylum trilogy was the first real fanfic I ever read, and is still my favorite. :)
Hey, you scared me for a second there ;) It's on the fic page under the Episodic heading. It's Jack and Jake, post-DK.