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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here...

Yes, it's another fandom rant. I'm being a darling and linking it so those with blood pressure issues - and those who got tired of this subject three months ago ;) - can avoid it.

Once again the little Danny Jaffa over at OS are wringing their hands over the unfairness of having ship on the show (well, half the time they're doing this. The other half of the time they're vehemently opposing the very notion that ship exists). Because, you see, everyone was so much happier before the writers "upset the balance" of people who want to see Sam/Jack luvvies vs. people who want to see Jack/Daniel luvvies.

Naturally, TPTB should have taken into account the small slice of audience who are so enraptured by the OTP of Jack and Daniel that they find the very notion of loin-tingling feelings between Jack and Sam offensive.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Please, can someone explain to me why TPTB need to give a damn? Why they can't write their show the way they want to -- they have to be neutral and strike a balance between the majority of viewers and these loose screws.

I could really give a damn about what these people want to see. Sam/Jack, Jack/Daniel, Teal'c/Janet, Hammond/Travelle... at the fandom level it's all the same to me. People can write and read and wish for whatever weird ass pairings do it for them. But it's a whole other issue when you get into the actual making of the show. You play in the sandbox. You work with what you get. But you throw hissy fits decrying the right of the makers of a show to make it how they want... and you're gonna get slapped around a little. Because that's ridiculous.

TPTB don't care if Danny Jaffa are having trouble envisioning their "special moments" of slashy bliss.

Get over yourselves.

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