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And to get my mind off my issues

1. Paste an image of your desktop screen:

2. What's on your desktop?

Well I try to keep it pretty cleaned up. There's the usual My Documents, My Computer, and Recycle Bin. Then I have shortcuts to Ad-aware, AIM, Netscape, Norton AntiVirus, my dialup settings (which I use when I'm at home), folders for download programs, Stargate episodes, MP3s I've gacked, and folders for my various DW websites. Then chatroom links, an assignment I'm reminding myself about, LJ client, and more shortcuts: MGI PhotoSuite III, the floppy drive, Dreamweaver and MGI PhotoSuite 95.

3. Toolbar position? Why?

The bottom. Does anyone actually put it anywhere else?

4. What's on your quick launch toolbar?

Is that the little thingy next to the clock? Netscape, LJ client, AIM, Norton, my printer, and NVIDA settings, whatever those are. Oh, and automatic update through Dell.

5. Colour scheme.

The standard XP scheme. What can I say, I'm traditional.

And the wallpaper is from

Oh, and because it's cute... my aunt's nutty cat:

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