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Holy mercury thermometer, Batman! is saying it's supposed to get up to 81 today! After weeks of 50 and 60 degree weather!

I'm thinking that Mother Nature is just screwing with us.

But... I still need to look for some shorts that fit.

Also, I finished a book last night, so I have to update my reading list.

1. Cold Fire, Dean Koontz
2. Who's Looking Out For You?, Bill O'Reilly
3. Arrogance, Bernard Goldberg
4. The Awakening, Kate Chopin
5. Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz
6. Emily's Climb, LM Montgomery
7. Emily's Quest, LM Montgomery
8. A Wind in the Door, Madeline L'Engle
9. A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Madeline L'Engle
10. The Face of Fear, Dean Koontz
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