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From Tongue Tied: Life in LA

"The Los Angeles Times has a rule that the phrase 'pro-life' will not appear on its pages because it might offend the pro-abortion crowd, reports Reuters, something a witless opera reviewer found out the hard way.

A music critic for the paper wrote that a Richard Strauss opera was "pro-life," intending to mean that it was a celebration of life. But he had his story changed by a copy editor to read 'anti-abortion.'

"Its about children who aren't born yet screaming to be born -- not abortion," said the critic, Mark Swed. "Somebody who didn't quite get it got a little bit too politically correct ... and we had a little breakdown in communications."

The ban apparently doesn't extend to the phrase 'pro-choice.'"

Oh that liberal media.

Also, FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education... kind of a version of the ACLU which focuses on education and, ya know, has morals) has had a victory at Shippensburg University, and no, the story didn't just catch my eye because it had the word 'ship' in it ;)
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