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New layout time again

As much as I love my Ness-assisted layout, I miss the custom comment pages.


Alias wasn't exactly terrific tonight... it was like a clip ep that used it's own clips. But there was some good stuff. Sarkette's ho quotient has gone up significantly, seeing as how she's boinking Sark and then gets mad that Vaughn all but admits he loves Syd. I have to give Sark props for playing with her like that. The repeatness of the ep... good idea, but I think it could have been handled in a way that wasn't so... repetitive.

The bit about his dad was sweet. I was totally confused by what Vaughn said about Sarkette 'forgetting', and then, aha, it made sense.

If there was anyone who hadn't already guessed what Sloane's big secret was, well, the commercials from the last episode gave it away. So big deal. And I don't like Barnett. Her boobs (oh yeah, lady, professional, unhuh) don't match her face. And her eyes give me the creeps.

The secretly evil Sarkette thing is getting old. Someone needs to find out. Like Weiss. Please give poor Weiss something to do. Please please.

Let's see... next on the agenda...

I read the interview that DD did with GW. I feel kind of bad for the guy, I really do. He's in a tough position, and it can't be fun knowing a significant number of people hate your guts. But that's the thing... I don't hate DD. He seems like a very nice guy. But he's completely off his nut if he expects Sam/Jack shippers to read his interview and say 'Gee, he's right. Jack's her boss, and he's old and gruff, and Pete is much nicer for her'. Sorry... that's something you'd hear from a toe, or Petra or Yam.


Where was I? Oh yeah. David, sweetie, some people just want Pete to drown in camel urine. I'm sorry, nothing personal -- it's showbiz.


In my American lit class we're reading Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. The title is a good explanation of how I feel when I'm reading it. Honest, if I hadn't printed out the summary from SparkNotes, I would be so so lost. As it is I'm still rather confused. I've been puzzling and puzzling til my puzzler is sore.

Thursday the second part of my Pedagogy portfolio is due. Not fun in the least.

Right now I'm reading The Face of Fear by DK. It's the last book of his that I can find published that I don't have. It was actually written in '77, but I think it's better than a lot of his novels that were done in the 80s. Not as subtle or clever as The Face or From the Corner of his Eye or even Odd Thomas, but still enjoyable.

(BTW, the links at the top of the page are from a poem by Whitman. Virtual cookies to anyone who knows the context *g*)

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