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Oh. My. God.

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- The metrosexual movement may have gone too far -- now, straight guys are trying to dance with each other instead of women.

According to the upcoming issue of "Stuff" magazine, the hottest dance trend in New York clubs is "gancing," a term for when guys boogie oogie oogie together.

One popular "gance step" features one guy pretending to be a shark while his pal runs away in fright. Another manly move has the guys pretending to be kangaroos complete with pouches and Fosters beer.

It sounds gay but editor Bill Schulz says gancing is actually a carefully choreographed way that straight guys use to meet women.

In fact, one Manhattan travel agent says he gets more phone numbers from ladies from doing a dance routine where he pretends to give birth to a pal than he ever did hanging out at the bar.

As if we needed more proof that New York is full of insane people.

Seriously. I could see finding this stuff amusing... in a play, maybe, or a street skit performed by hobos (or maybe I've made too many visits to SanFran). But seeing guys do this in a bar? And then giving them my number? You're kidding, right?

ETA: Oh gee. The jury in the Martha trial has reached a verdict. Great. Can we all get on with our lives now?
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LOL--I'd seriously find another bar/club in which to hang out! LOL!

It isn't that I find straight guys dancing together repulsive--heck, I've gone out with friends where the group of us (guys and gals or gals and gals) just danced in one big group. No big deal.

Heck, at the junior/senior prom my junior year, the big popular song was "The Bird" by The Time and all of the guys got out on the floor together in their tuxes and did The Bird--one of my fondest memories! LOL!

It's the staged "let's pretend to give birth to my friend" thing that wigs me out. Kangaroos w/Fosters, though, that's pretty funny.