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I hate my hair.

Hate hate hate.

I can't remember having a haircut I've ever really liked. When I was little it was short - I mean short short - because it was very fine and straight and, well, that's how my mom wanted it ;)

Well now I enjoy wearing my hair long just because I can, and I like being able to put it up and that kind of thing. But it's thicker now, and wavy/curly at the ends where it's not weighed down by, well, the other hair. And I can't find a damn thing I should do with it. Length? Layers? What? I don't know!!
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I'm sure it's beautiful. Sue always seems enthusiastic about it... ;)

Mine's boring - browny blondey ick. *sighs in sympathy* hair sucks sometimes.
Don't we have the same kind of hair?
Baby fine, will collapse the second you put any kind of styling product in it, straight and without any kind of volume all the way down to at least your ears, but probably further, and then wavy at the bottom where it isn't "weighed down" by "all that hair"?

I've had my hair short for almost 2 years now. You've seen how short it is/was. After 2 years of possibly even more hopeless haircuts than the "everything at shoulderblade length" I'm growing it out again. Long hair seems to be the easiest to manage, the least hassle.
I'll let you know when it reaches shoulder length and I can experiment with having it cut in layers :-)
For now it's in the "What the hell am I going to do with it today?" stage.. such fun!

Actually in recent years my hair has gotten pretty thick. To where I kinda miss my thin hair ;)

Yeah, I know, the grass is always greener *g*

I just wish there were more websites out there that showed good hairstyles/haircuts for people with wavy hair! They just seem to assume that everyone has way straight or super curly hair :-p
It's called a round brush and hair dryer. =)

But whenever I blow dry my hair, it frizzes up on me!

If you're having a problem dealing with it, Alli, I'd suggest just long enough for a ponytail, but just short enough to dry with a round brush when you want it smoother.

I do the ponytail thing a lot, actually, maybe a little too much because I've been having breakage problems. So I've been trying to use clips and barretts instead.

Long layers would let you curl it under or out, depending on how conservative or perky you felt for the day.

I'm thinking of getting layers around my face. Right now everything is basically the same length and when it curls/poofs out at the end, as it always does, it looks icky and gets in the way. And I'm sure I could find the patience to at least make sure the front layers get blown straight :)

Just make sure you emphasize the ponytail thing to the hairdresser. Things could get ugly otherwise. ;)

LOL. I've had the same hairdresser my whole life. She's great about following instructions. Sometimes a little TOO cautious, it seems. I've asked her before "What kind of hairstyle would work best with my hair?" but she always seems to come back with "Well, what are YOU looking for?"