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*screams and jumps up and down*

Okay, that was so awesome. My only complaint is that they should have mentioned where Diana and J'onn were... they really could have used the extra manpower (womanpower? Alienpower?) in this episode. But it worked because it kept an already very busy episode from feeling too fractured.

Shayera and John had the bestest lines.

HG (in a very pleased tone): Unhuh... that's it... right there...
GL: No it's not.
HG: I think I would know.
GL: Really? When did you ever tap into bank records?

(Alli: Ha ha. Very funny.)

GL: Do they even have banks on Thanagar?
HG: Back off! I know what I'm doing.
GL: Don't-- what is it with you? Every time we're together you're like this.
HG: I don't know what you're talking about.
GL: Yes you do.

Hold the moment... and the computer beeps. Bah.


*Shayera and John start disarming a bomb that's ticking down...*

HG: Why not put a force field around it and let it blow?
GL: I don't know if I can contain an explosion that size.
HG: Maybe you should let me defuse it--
GL: Maybe you should shut up!
Joker (watching and eating popcorn): Whew! Is it just me, or is there something going on between those two? *melodramatically* Will Green Lantern ever admit to his feelings? Will Hawk Girl ever stop sublimating her passions with that big honkin' mace! Will true love conquer all? Not on my show.

*He detonates the bomb -- just before it blows, John pushes Shayera out of the building. The first floor explodes in a huge fireball.*

HG: John!


*she searches the rubble for GL*

HG: John? *she finds him* John...
Joker: Ooh... medical trauma. Life and death stakes! Compelling human conflict! Ratings.

*HG listens to GL's chest; his heart's not beating. She tries CPR, then gives him a zap with her mace that brings him around.*

GL: Uhh...
HG: I can't believe I almost lost you without ever telling you...
GL: Telling me what?
Joker: Enough with the mushy stuff...


*Shayera flies with a whumpered John in her arms*

HG, on the comm: I found GL. He's in bad shape.
Batman, on the comm: We'll meet at the last bomb. Then go after Joker.
HG: Negative. John needs medical attention.
BM: Make it fast. We gotta--
HG: Hawk Girl out!


*At the Watchtower -- John is sleeping in the... infirmary? Sickbay? Shayera is talking to Bats on the comm*

HG: It was the shock of the detonation that stopped his heart... No, he's going to be fine. I'll stay with him tonight. Batman? About before, I'm sorry, I--
BM: No. We never leave a man behind. Right?
HG *smiles*: Right... Okay, I'll check in later.

*she goes to John's bedside and looks at some blinky monitoring lights, makes some notes*

GL, waking up: Mm... hey.
HG: Hey. Go back to sleep.
GL: Not sleepy. *he sits up* Besides, we've got things to talk about.
HG: It can wait.
GL: Not anymore. I'm tired of waiting. You know how I feel about you.
HG: John...
GL: And I know you feel the same way.
HG, sitting down on the edge of the bed: It's not that simple. John, this can't go any further.
GL: Why not?
HG: It's crazy. We work together.
GL: So? Gives us something in common.
HG: We can't be worrying about each other while we're fighting the bad guys.
GL: Too late for that. What else you got?
HG: We're... so different. I mean, look at us! Just look at us...
GL, sitting up and leaning towards her: I see a man... and a woman.

*He moves to take off her mask... she starts to stop him, then relents. He likes what he sees. Cue smoochage*

(Yeah... she'll be checking in much later ;))


Thanks Andrew!

Oh, I also put my JL Mood Theme online.

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