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My school's student association -- well, the SA's government - is protesting the govenor's budget, which is their perogative, I guess, even though I don't agree. But they're sending a petition and a letter to the capitol in which they state their concerns 'on behalf of almost 3,300 undergrads..."

Excuse me, assholes. Don't assume that you speak for me -- you don't.
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Sounds just like our SA. We have to pay them compulsory union fees and what do they do with our money? Use it to stick up posters bagging out our current conservative government so they can promote the left wing party that is in opposition.

Go figure.
Sounds like every other union out there. They make people pay dues because 'we represent you and you owe us', even though union membership is in many cases MANDATORY, and then they turn around and give that money to the lib friends. Lovely.