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Since it opens tomorrow...

Who's planning on seeing The Passion of the Christ?

I'm considering it, but I doubt I'll be able to get any of my family to come with me -- even though we consider ourselves a Christian family. Extreme violence and subtitles just aren't their thing. So if I do go see it, I want to know that I have someone to talk about it with.

I'm watching Mel's interview with Bill O'Reilly right now. I love Mel's face... it's so expressive.
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They call themselves Fundamentalists or Baptists, and they come in all flavors, really. At two churches I've been too, it was anathema to even speak of a movie until it was out on video. Our church considers itself fundamental, but they aren't intrusive into our personal lives as other churches. Why? I've heard a few reasons, but this is the one that makes the most sense to me: Avoid all appearance of evil, and love not the things of the world.

You could be in that theater to watch the Veggie Tales do Jonah, but all people see when they see you coming out of the theater is that you were in a theater. In some parts of America, Fundamentalists have been against movie theaters for decades. Even in the era of Jimmy Stewart, there were just too many bad things in movies. So, basically, just like you wouldn't be seen in an adult bookstore, you wouldn't want to be seen possibly coming out of a movie that could be bad.

From a teacher/parent/pastor standpoint, there is a whole other issue when there are teenagers involved. In a church where teenaged couples are always supposed to be chaperoned or at least in public places, the dark movie theater represents a chance to try to get away with whatever it is that the teens want to get away with. So, if we ask our students not to go to R-rated movies and not to go on movie dates, then it is only fair that we hold ourselves to the same standard.

I'm not exactly sure where I stand on the issue. I know that "love not the world" is something I'm having a hard time with lately. Between Sel's giving up SG for lent and a sermon I heard yesterday, I'm seriously considering my priorities at the moment, and spending 20 or 30 dollars to see a movie just doesn't seem like the best use of my resources at this time.
Well, whether I agree or not, I've basically let it go on the money issue. Rather than risk offending anyone, I just think that I'm saving myself lots of money.